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Yakoby is a technology-enabled, data-driven digital marketing. Performance marketing focuses on measurable outcomes. It is judged based on campaign results, the value of your customer relationships, and loyalty earned against your marketing investment. A customer-focused approach that employs individualized targeting and personalized messaging is a key driver of performance. And a people-based marketing strategy takes that personalization to another level, delivering truly unique and tailored customer experiences in real time. At Yakoby, we help brands make the people-based marketing transformation. Using a combination of first- and third-party data, we create, target, and measure the highly customized customer experiences that not only drive immediate results in the form of today’s response and conversion, but also build tomorrow’s increased loyalty and customer value. We apply an industry-focused methodology to the solutions we provide, from customer strategy consulting, to audience and experience planning, to experience design and creation, to performance media and site execution. At the heart of these solutions is Yakoby deep heritage in the data, analytics, and technology capabilities that enable them. Our capabilities span people-based marketing disciplines: customer strategy, performance media, customer experience and personalization, customer relationship management, loyalty marketing, and enterprise technology services. At Yakoby, we understand that the confidentiality of clients is one of the most important points for long-term cooperation. Therefore, we never tell the names of our clients and present the results as performed by the client himself.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.